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Complete Dentistry



You’re not complete without your teeth. That’s why we practice complete dentistry.









At Madison Dental Partners, complete dentistry is what we do. This means your care evolves after we determine what is the best way to restore you to functional harmony and optimum, maintainable health.


We work closely with you to leave no place in your mouth that is not completely cleanable and reduce all the stresses in your mouth to a point where they pose no destructive risk.


dental tools

Complete dentistry focuses on more than just teeth.

We teach you how to keep your entire mouth spotlessly clean and how to recognize uneven stresses that may need to be corrected. Then, we demonstrate to patients how general health, proper diet and exercise have a profound effect on your mouth. From evaluating overall oral health and complex periodontal screening to providing a comprehensive program for management of TMD or Bruxism, we develop a custom treatment plan for each individual.

This is how we help you reach your goals and retain your highest level of oral health. By working together, we can develop a plan to ensure your dental health and strength for years to come.

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