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A clean mouth not only gives you a beautiful smile but has a positive impact on your overall health, as well. One of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy is with routine and professional teeth cleanings. If you’re due for a cleaning, schedule a visit with Steven Schwartz, DDS, Fadwa Robb, DDS, Navid Baradarian, DDS, and the team at Madison Dental Partners on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and get your mouth clean and healthy again. Call the New York City office to schedule an appointment or book online today.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

Why do I need a teeth cleaning?

Even if you stay on top of your at-home oral health care, there are still areas of your smile that you might not be cleaning well enough. To protect your mouth from plaque and tartar buildup, you need to have your smile professionally cleaned biannually. 

A professional teeth cleaning makes sure those difficult-to-reach spots in your smile aren’t harboring cavity-causing debris and bacteria. In fact, some debris, like calculus (tartar), can only be removed with professional equipment.

Your routine teeth cleaning is also an opportunity for your dentist to check in on the health of your mouth. By regularly monitoring your oral health with professional exams, your dentist can catch any potential oral health concerns (like tooth decay and gum disease) when they’re in their earliest stages. Addressing conditions before they’ve had a chance to develop typically means that your dentist can treat you with procedures that are less costly and invasive.

What happens during my teeth cleaning?

A dental hygienist begins your cleaning by removing all of the plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth with a special tool called a scaler. They go tooth-by-tooth, scraping off the buildup until your mouth is free of the cavity-causing substances.

Next, your hygienist uses a gritty toothpaste and a high-powered electric toothbrush to polish your teeth, provides a professional flossing, and rinses your mouth. If your dentist thinks that you would benefit from a fluoride treatment, they can also provide you with a rinse, gel, or foam that gives you extra protection from cavities.

Finally, your dentist conducts a routine exam of your oral tissues, including your teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. They look for any signs of developing oral health concerns, like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Depending on how long it’s been since your last exam, they might order digital X-rays to get a deeper look at your oral health.

How often do I need a teeth cleaning?

Most patients need a routine cleaning and exam every six months, but the American Dental Association recommends working with your dentist to develop a cleaning schedule that’s suited to your particular dental needs. Some patients, like those experiencing gum disease, might need more frequent visits, while others might only need one cleaning per year.

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